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Our story

With over 20 years experience in the health & fitness industry the husband and wife team of Jessika Munnell & Andrew Gowans founded Barre Body in Cape Town South Africa in 2012.  There are now four Barre Body studios South Africa with our first US location opening in Bellingham USA in the spring of 2020! Jessika was born and raised in Bellingham so this is a return to her roots. We are excited to be opening in this magical part of the Pacific Northwest!

What is Barre Body?

Our classes are an athletic fusion of elements from dance, Pilates, yoga, light weights and cardio. A Barre Body class works the entire body while targeting individual body areas to burn fat and sculpt and tone your seat, arms, thighs and abs. This is achieved through small isometric movements that work the muscle to fatigue and then stretch to lengthen it out. A few pieces of equipment beyond the barre itself are used. This includes light hand weights and a rubber ball. We have two class styles. These are not your average barre classes but something a little more intense – a little more fun. Join us!