Want to be 

a Barre Body Instructor?

Join our team of inspiring and 

highly skilled instructors

For South Africa select your local studios to enquire about our training program

For the United States contact us for training dates. If you are already teaching barre and would like to join our team please contact us. We have an accelerated training option for current instructors.

Our Training Program


In order to be accepted into the Barre Body training program you will need to pass an audition where we evaluate your ability to lead one of our classes. It’s a difficult class to teach and requires a high level of fitness and the ability to motivate and inspire a group.


Once accepted into the training program you will start a three week pre-training period. During this time you will be given access to our exclusive online training content so that you can learn one of our class sequences and prepare for the upcoming training intensive.

Training Intensive

Our 4 days training intensive will teach you how to teach a group class the Barre Body way. After these four days, you will have the tools needed to start your practice classes.


Put what you’ve learned into action by teaching practice classes. You’ll receive ongoing mentoring, training, and support.


You will be certified as a Barre instructor once you pass the assessment.