Bianca Botha

From the early age of 4 I started ballet classes which ignited my passion for dance. Through the years I have practiced many forms of dance; modern, tap, ballroom and contemporary as well as exploring rowing, trail running, spinning and gymming.
Staying physically active keeps me positive, enthusiastic and energized. Exercise is such an essential part of my everyday life and without it i’d become a raging lunatic!!
My current profession is in Product Development, I hold a BSc Food Science degree and post graduate diploma in culinary arts. Outside of dance I express creativity in the design and development of food products, where my aim is to inspire and educate consumers on healthy and nutritious alternatives.
Barre Body has proven to be my perfect fix; strengthening, toning and helping me achieve my personal body goals whilst complimenting my passion for dance. Barre Body will rock your body and transform your life in a positive and powerful way.

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