Kaylan Sabbadin

I started dancing when I was 4 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I trained in tap, ballet, contemporary, jazz and many other styles. I also started music ,drama and singing … throughout my school life. I was constantly busy and stretched beyond and extremely active. I tried almost every school sport and from that I’ve become addicted to the busy rush of life and staying active and healthy. I’m also insanely passionate about people, LOVE people. Love connecting. Being active is essential not only for the fat burn and muscle gain but to improve your breathing, your quality of life and I believe it definitely adds years to your life.

I studied at Oakfield collage where I obtained a Diploma in performing arts ( singing, acting and dancing ) I am a professional performer. Extremely active and always on the go. I also have my LTCL in drama teaching. I’ll definitely continue to study more as I always want to learn and absorb. I have also been very into my fitness from a very young age. I’ve done gym, Pilates, yoga, cross fit and tried a few more types of fitness and nothing has effected me as much as Barre has. Barre Body is one intense workout that truly works every single part of your body. I love how much you sweat from this, how you use your own resistance and how it gives us ( no matter your shape ) lean and long muscles. It improves balance, core stability and posture and you can see results very quickly and my word it’s a whole lot of fun! I love how it’s only for woman and how we stand together in a room and really uplift and empower each other. Which makes it very unique and comfortable. It’s one positive and hard working environment. So let’s go and cherrify our bodies together!

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