Melanie Loser

Art, animals, architecture and Barre
Growing up in the small town of Empangeni in Kwazulu Natal outside of large cities, I have always been surrounded by wildlife which is one of my passions along with architecture, art and now…Barre Body. I have been a dancer since the age of 3 and I remember my first pair of ballet pumps more than I remember my first day of school. I love to draw as a hobby both for commissions and use it as a method to relax and escape. Animals and nature mean the world to me, along with my future hubby (Barre is getting me wedding ready). I love getting outdoors, and have been lucky enough to have accomplished some magical bucket list items, such as summiting Kilimanjaro and hiking to Machu Pichu with my sister and father. Studying architecture has been very demanding on my time and has unfortunately forced me to stop dancing for the past few years and let’s face it, gym is just not the same as a dance class.
Last year I found out about Barre Body classes and from the first class I attended I was hooked. It was exactly the type of exercise I was looking for; intense, fun, dance orientated and overall an amazing workout. For me, Barre gets you to your personal best, not only physically but mentally. Barre is the handbook to finding your best you. It is one hour where you can love you, feel comfortable and sweat it all out. I believe that everybody is beautiful, there is no one mould, it is in finding the best, happiest and healthiest you. Having been through a lot in life Barre helped me to get my motivation, confidence and zest for life fully back.

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