Q Hinrichsen

“Barre Body captures the essence of beauty; fiercely strong and graceful”

Q is an professional architect. She has an affinity and admiration for beauty of place, mind, body and spirit. She graduated from the University of Cape Town and has since endeavoured to further her love for architecture in design and place-making. She enjoys Arts & Culture; the Argentinian tango, singing, painting and drawing to name a few.

Q is fearless, stubborn, resourceful, and strong, driven to succeed; she is hard working and is willing to sacrifice anything to attain her goals. Barre Body represents qualities most admirable to Q; strength and courage of mind and body, gracefulness, humility and the beautiful disposition of joy. These illuminate strength and beauty within every woman.

At Barre Body, you will meet personal goals with success, whilst forging new friendships. The burn zone is a favourite; sweat will fall, and inches will melt away. Every effort you put in is rewarded with a leaner, lovelier, stronger and sexier self.

Put on your smile, and bring your beautiful bod to the barre!

Wonder Woman in the making!

Love, Light & Joy


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