Rebecca Burger

Rebecca Burger started ballet at the age of 3 and went on to do Tap, Modern & Contemporary by the age of 10. Herself and her family relocated to Johannesburg in 2004. She matriculated in 2009 from St Teresa’s Mercy School Rosebank, JHB and went on to pursue her dream to dance by joining Dance Companies ‘Mzansi Productions’ and later, ‘Joburg Ballet’. After contracting with the companies for just over 3 years, Rebecca went on to obtain her Cecchetti Ballet Teachers degree and Anatomy Diploma and taught at Redhill School in Sandton for the next 3 years, following which she competed in Talent America New York in 2015, winning all 3 of her dance categories.
On her return from the USA, her path took her down a more ‘corporate’ route and she is currently with Investec Bank JHB as a PA in Private Bank IT. She has been with Investec for 3 years now and decided it was time to get back to her roots & passion in her spare time (when she’d usually be forcing herself to do some sort of workout she didn’t want to… “until Barre!!”)
Rebecca understands how important it is too, to keep a healthy balance in all that we do, day to day, and understands that with a full time job, how hard this can be and couldn’t think of any better way than to encourage woman but through Barre Body!
“I love the way Barre allows women to just be themselves in a safe, comfortable, friendly & light-hearted environment, where all you need to focus on is yourself and the awesome feeling you’ll have walking out! Remember ladies, ‘Your body can stand almost anything & you are stronger than you think. It’s your mind that you have to convince’ or in other words, MIND OVER MATTER! See you at the Barre, let’s let the results speak for themselves!

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